Do you give free estimates?

Yes! We are available for free phone consultations and estimates. Call us today!

What measurements do I need to know for a new door?

Measurements are between the jams on the right and left. Measure from outside jam to outside jam and concrete to the bottom of the header for proper measurements.

How much does a garage door cost?

Garage doors cost approximately $1000 and up depending on the quality of the doors needed. Insulated doors cost more than non-insulated and so on. This estimate is based on a double car garage 16 x7

Should I use a professional installer?

Yes, we always recommend using a professional installer. Pieces of the process can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury if you are not versed in the ins and outs of garage door installation.

Do I need an insulated door?

We recommend getting an insulated door if you use your garage often for quality time, storage of items that are temperature-sensitive, etc. Insulated Doors can make a huge difference in the temperatures of the garage, around 25 degree is what we see on average!

What happens to my old door?

Take it down and haul it off, with the purchase of an install!

Are special door sizes available?

Yes, we can special order the perfect size for you. The turnaround time is 2-3 weeks but, during COVIID-19 times can be up to double this.

How long will it take to get my new garage door?

Standard doors can be installed anywhere from the same day to 2 days later depending on what is needed and if the products are in stock in our warehouse. Doors that need windows take 2 days to prep and install. Doors without windows can be installed the same day or one day later.

What do I need to do to prepare my garage for your technicians?

We ask that you have a clean garage. We generally need a clear path to the center of the door, to the tracks that hang from the ceiling, and access to each side of the door.

Which is better... Torsion or extension?

Torsion will always pick the door up in a nice and level fashion. Extension can cause the door to come off track by not raising each side at a level pace. This can cause continuous issues and for your doors to potentially break!

Can I use my existing opener on a new door?

Yes, providing that it is a quality opener and the door is comparable to the previous one installed. This means that the size and the weight of the door must be similar to the one previously installed for the opener to work properly

How qualified and trained are your technicians?

Our services techs have been with us for 12+ years plus. We do technical training through suppliers annually and we are master certified.

My door makes a lot of noise. Should I be concerned?

Yes, garage doors should be very smooth and quiet. Manufacturers recommend that doors and openers are serviced once a year on the biggest moving object on their house. There are multiple things that could be causing this noise. Call us today to figure out what is going on.

What kind of doors and openers do you repair?

We use the following suppliers and are certified and versed in all installations and repairs.

When I replace my existing door, can I keep my old track?

We do not recommend keeping an old track for a new door. We recommend this to ensure that the track is not damaged and that the new door fits how it is meant to. We want the door to run smoothly and correctly moving forward.