New and Improved Garage Doors Options

New and Improved Garage Doors Options

New and Improved Garage Doors Options

When your garage needs a facelift or a boost in functionality, begin shopping for new garage doors. Many surprising changes and updates have occurred within this industry over the last decade. You have a variety of new features to consider.

Material Options

Garage doors can be made out of many different materials. While wood was once the top choice, many people are choosing materials that are easier to maintain.

Steel surrounded by rigid foam insulation is a popular option. Panels are made of 24-gauge, 26-gauge, or 28-gauge steel. The manufacturing process includes an embossed wood-grain or a smooth finish over the steel. For ultimate rust protection, find a product that has a baked-on primer and a topcoat made of polyester.

Wood garage doors come from Hemlock or Douglas fir. These doors require ongoing maintenance and frequent painting to keep them attractive.

Plastic is a newer material option, gaining popularity due to its lighter weight and ease of maintenance. Plastic will not corrode or decay. Another added benefit of plastic is its silent operation. Colors do not fade with plastic, either.

Insulation Options

People living in climates with harsh winters will benefit from adding insulation to their garage doors. Polystyrene comes in thin sheets, making it simple to add. Adding polystyrene or polyurethane to a 2-inch-thick sheet can achieve an R-value, the measure of thermal resistance, of up to 10. Many products come pre-insulated, so check R-values before purchasing.

Window Designs

Adding windows to a design is popular with many consumers. Instead of a dull expanse, windows add style and interest. Windows also allow natural light to enter into the garage, which can improve this space significantly. The way you wish to use the windows will determine their placement. If you want to be able to look through the windows, place them in the third panel from the bottom of the door. If looking through the windows is not a concern, but you want to add design and light to the area, place them in the top panel.

Safety Features

Numerous safety improvements have made these products much better for families with children. For example, the joints between sections now have special shapes that prevent fingers from becoming caught in cracks. Automated openers now have an automatic reverse technology that sends the door back up immediately if it contacts anything while closing. If an electronic eye senses something in the opening, the door will change directions immediately and go back up.

Hardware Options

You have two choices in hardware: extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs are less expensive and easier to install, requiring approximately 10 inches of headroom. Torsion springs are optimal for heavy and wide products, requiring about 12 inches of headroom to install.

Find the style and design that fits your budget and home after considering all available options for garage doors.



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