Common Questions About Garage Door Openers

Common Questions About Garage Door Openers



Common Questions About Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are equipment that effortlessly opens and closes your garage door using user-friendly operations. There is much to know about this technology, though, and you will find out today the answers to some of the commonly asked questions for garage opener.

What Are The Different Types of Garage Door Openers?

There are three types available today: Chain-driven, screw-type and belt-driven operators. Chain-driven operators work using chains that will help lift your door. This is the most common type of operator today and the most commonly used because it is cheaper.

Screw-type operators use a rod that is inserted in holes and works well in lifting your garage doors. Unlike chain-driven operators, they do not make as much noise so they are essentially better options if you are concerned with the noise this machine is going to make at night.

The quietest of them all is the belt-driven technology. It uses a belt to pull the doors so it produces less noise. There are also less parts moving so it produces less vibrations.

Which Is The Best Garage Door Operator?

We cannot say for certain which particular brands because there some good candidates for this title. However, good choices are belt-driven models with super quiet functions. Also, one with ½ or more of horsepower is better as it can carry standard weight of doors.

Can I Install It By Myself?

Some companies offer their full services-installation of doors, door operators and that includes inspection of the place. However, there are also companies that offer do-it-yourself machines which are relatively easy to install even for people who do not know much about these things.

How Long Is The Warranty?

It depends on what company you buy it from. Typically, belt-driven models have lifetime warranty. Some offer 5 years warranty parts and labor. The more sophisticated your door opener is, the longer the warranty service offered. You just have to learn more about the services of the company should you have any problems with your purchase.

Does It Consume Much Electricity?

It costs some electricity just like your regular appliance. But it does not consume much of your electricity because it does not use a heating element. Also, there are brands that offer tax rebates so you are eligible for this.


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